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STEM/Arts Camps

Looking for motivational tools to get your students excited about STEM programming?

Kids 4 Broadway is your answer!

We have a brand new week-long theatre camp called "The STEM/Arts Camp".

Students audition for our new production of "The Inventive Inn". (To read a synopsis, click on to "Our Plays" on the sidebar and scroll down to the title)

They rehearse every day for a week which culminates in a performance for your community at week's end.

10-12 other students will research their favorite inventor/scientist - dress up as that character on opening night. After the play has been performed, each student will talk about their character and what they discovered.

Additionally, 10-12 other students will go online during the theatre camp week and research their favorite scientific experiment. They will perform those experiments on stage after the original group has performed.

For further details on the dynamic details of these camps (as well as fee schedules) - email Executive Director Connor Snyder at or call (707) 279-4497.

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