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age appropriate plays for children ages 7-17

About Us

Connor SnyderKids 4 Broadway was founded by former professional actress and producer (M*A*S*H & HBO respectively) Connor Snyder. Her 22 year professional theatre and television background enabled her to develop this theatre company - just for kids - ages 7-17. Snyder has taught and directed over 12,000 students and produced countless productions, including 15 original plays and comedies she wrote exclusively for the workshop.

These plays are now available for your school or organization's theatre program.

A children's theatre program motivates young people to appreciate the value of learning and discovery, while continuing to help build their self-confidence and feelings of self worth.

These Kids 4 Broadway plays were written for students ages 7-17 to experience the magic of theatre - as they further develop their intuition, imagination and attitude skills. Each play offers entertaining and educational values - and characters which students get excited about!

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