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finding cinderella

Two young girls, Betsy and Marie, are walking in a park one day when Betsy looks down near a park bench and finds a leather wallet containing $900. She feels it's "Finders Keepers", while her friend Marie tries to convince her to turn it in to the authorities to try to find the owner. Frustrated by her friend's lack of moral virtue, Marie leaves in a huff, as Betsy slips and falls, hitting her head on the park bench. As she enters into a dreamlike state, well known celebrities (such as Al Gore, George W. Bush, and Mother Teresa) keep popping up to tell her what she should do with the money. A final Round Table of these characters create a decision which Betsy finally figures out for herself. Truth, honor and laughter abound in this play which will delight children and parents alike.

10 Characters.

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