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The Inventive Inn

"The Inventive Inn", is about a family in the midwest who own and operate a Bed and Breakfast.

The kids come home from school one day, complaining about their homework-- especially science. ("What do we need science for, anyway" etc.) The dad tries to discuss with them the relevance of the subject...("Without science, you'd have no cell phone, no TV, no iPads," etc.)

A huge thunderstorm hits their town, and suddenly, one by one, 8 scientists appear at the Sandler home and discuss their inventions, how they came to create them, etc (e.g. Sir Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, George Washington Carver, Benjamin Franklin, Dr. Robert Goddard, Galileo, etc.) The children become totally motivated to grow up and become inventors and scientists.

Roles available: 14
Age range: 7-16

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